Rosemary Reed Edit

  • "I always feel anxious when looking at some icons...icons and mirrors."
  • "I believe in people's willpower. Everything else is not God, but inaptitude or mankind cruelty."
  • "For what it's wrong and crazy, it's human nature."
  • "Isn't she your daughter? Celeste or, as you called her, Jennifer?"
  • "It's true. I might not be able to understand...But right now I believe Celeste decided to leave because she was terrorized by your morbid intentions!"
  • "Where the hell am I?!"
  • "Now I understand why he was obsessed with his growing daughter and why he started calling her Jennifer."
  • "You kept on supporting his barbaric experiences, the mesmerism, the Phenoxyl...Everything else!"
  • "You are sick murderers!"
  • "I'm Rosemary...We met this afternoon! Do you remember?!"
  • "It may be the end of everything, and maybe we are already dead...and neither of us knows it."
  • "You wanted to propagate it as a sign of God...This was a not a gift, this was not from God. It was fucking stupid science... And those two things have never been compatible!"