"It may be the end of everything and maybe we're already dead... and none of us knows it".

Rosemary Reed is one of the main protagonists of the Remothered series and the playable character in Remothered: Tormented Fathers and Remothered: Broken Porcelain.

Official description

"Fascinating, smart, resolute, Rosemary is a 35-year-old mysterious woman with ambiguous intentions and attitude. What actually brings her to investigate the truth behind the disappearing of Celeste and the undisclosed past of Dr. Felton could be more terrifying than the premise itself."

- Tormented Fathers official biography [1]

"Reed, a disturbed fugitive seeking answers, continues her search for the missing Celeste Felton. Her investigation will lead her to an old acquaintance, the creepy owner of the hotel who is now disfigured by a horrible “accident. Her determination to find the truth will push Reed to her limits and challenge everything she knows to be true."

- Broken Porcelain official biography[2]


"I believe in people's willpower, everything else is not God, but ineptitude or mankind's cruelty." -Rosemary's views on religion

Rosemary is an atheist and a very skeptical one, almost nihilistic in nature. With her philosophy of believing in the individual's willpower and people's ineptitude or mankind's cruelty being the cause of many of the world's problems, the fact that she smokes does not come as a surprise.

"We're not eternal: having some vices is totally legitimate." - Rosemary's main philosophy.

She disowns her past - events turned her into a disbeliever of personal relations, however, Rosemary feels bad if other people suffer, but she always puts her needs before everything else. She is not a proud person since she almost feels uncomfortable with herself, but she knows that she is what she is thanks to her past.

Rosemary loves listening to jazz music, and she looks very classy and sophisticated, but the real Rosemary can be very different; however, she is not narcissistic by any means. The way she dresses reflects the complexity of her multifaceted personality.

Rosemary is not a traditional heroine. She is far from being spotless and fearless and can come across as a mysterious lady as she is rather shady and ambiguous. If asked about her professional career, she will probably be very elusive. Selfish without being self-indulgent, Rosemary has a void inside, due to a guilty feeling that makes a match with melancholy. She knows her limits, but she goes beyond them as she wants to give herself a chance to put an end to her nightmares.

Her motives are obscure and enigmatic, leaving her true purpose as a mystery to be uncovered during the game's story. There is also a strong possibility that Rosemary Reed is not her real name.


Early Life (1957-1973)

See Lindsay

Investigating the Felton Villa (1992)

Sitting in a white van parked in front of a playground by Felton's residence, Rosemary smokes a cigarette while going through the patient files of Richard Felton from the Santa Margherita Institute, where the latter was treated for parasitosis. She glances with a sad nostalgic look at a picture of a little girl enclosed to the files with a message "My sweet Jennifer" inscribed on the back - the picture is apparently of Felton's adoptive daughter Celeste Felton, who disappeared in the fall of 1971.

Reaching towards the front gate, she buzzes the intercom, only to be answered by a woman. Rosemary introduces herself as a doctor from the Institute, only to be denied entrance. After entering through the courtyard, Dr. Reed knocks on the manor door where she is greeted by Felton's personal nurse, Gloria, claiming she has potential new treatments for Felton's terrible disease. Granted entrance, Reed waits in Mr. Felton's study, snooping around his office looking for clues on his involvement in the disappearance, and is then interrupted by Richard walking in talking about religion. After the formal greetings and Richard's medical history, tensions begin to rise as she mentions the name Jennifer, angering the former notary. Her true intentions are revealed once Gloria barges in after she learned that there was no Dr. Reed at the Santa Margherita Institute and that her position as a doctor was a ruse as a means of getting inside the manor. She is forced to leave the property, only to return later that night by opening the door with the keys Gloria left.

Nightmare in the Villa

Sneaking her way inside, she attempts to meet with Richard's wife, Arianna, who locks herself in her bedroom Gloria mentioned earlier. As she makes her way into the room, she is horrified to find the mummified corpse of the once and former Mrs. Felton and tries to escape, only to find the main exit locked, trapping her in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the murderous Richard roaming around the house. As she tries to look for another way out, Rosemary finds a note left by Gloria in the study about a film reel that she supposedly has gotten rid of. Finding it in the oven, Rosemary plays the film in the study showing a mesmerism session of Richard and Gloria questioning him about his memories and the mysterious Jennifer, the reason behind his torment. As the film ends, Richard grabs her with a catcher's pole and burns the film. Rosemary accuses Richard of having morbid intentions towards Celeste, which he angrily denies revealing Celeste actually returned home two years after her disappearance. He tearfully admits he couldn't recognize Celeste, who became "Jennifer" to him, and killed her while she was asleep convinced by a nun in red depicted on a painting behind the curtains in his office. As Rosemary tries to escape while Felton is praying before the painting, she encounters the real-life figure of the Red Nun herself, who refers to Rosemary in a hoarse and broken voice as "sister". As she escapes the terrifying Nun, she meets a scared woman who hides in the loft. Rosemary makes her way up and after taking an old photograph is attacked by the woman causing Rosemary to run and fall from the attic, rendering her unconscious.

Meeting with Jennifer

After the unknown amount of time has passed, Rosemary awakens by the sound of the television in the manor's living room that reveals that Rosemary is wanted for stealing the white van she arrived in and assaulting the driver. She apparently approached him asking to light a cigarette, and then knocked him unconscious and stole his vehicle. Believing to be Jennifer, the woman apologizes for attacking Rosemary and tells her about a wall behind the fireplace she saw on the picture found in the loft. Following the clues, she indeed finds Celeste's room hidden away and abandoned behind the crumbling foundations of the fireplace. She finds a recorder, hidden away in the dresser. The recording of Celeste tells how she forcefully underwent mesmerism sessions by her father and was locked in her bedroom with her mother who was in a catatonic state and how she was planning to escape through the passageway leading up to the attic. Once the recording stops, she is attacked by the "ghost" of the deceased Mrs. Felton created by a swarm of moths that feeds off of Rosemary's fear of broken mirrors. Conquering her fear by breaking every mirror in the room causes the apparition to disappear, and Rosemary tries to reach the passage hidden behind a wardrobe but stumbles and falls all the way down the storm drains.

Revelation and Confronting Gloria

Rosemary eventually finds herself at the villa's wine cellar where she discovers the truth about Richard Felton's real identity and his obsession with Jennifer. She realizes the little girl from the picture she carried with her is actually Felton himself and not the same Jennifer Rosemary is looking for. Reed manages to escape from the angered Jennifer and is then rescued by Gloria. The two women meet up in the infirmary, where Gloria prepares an infusion to calm Rosemary down. Rosemary is shocked to find out Gloria was aware of the events that happened at the Felton Villa, including Celeste's return and Arianna's death, as she was responsible for Felton's mesmerism sessions. Accused by Rosemary for being an accomplice, Gloria justifies herself, saying she didn't intend to turn Felton into a killer. Rosemary soon realizes the nurse gave her a sedative and had let her break into the villa on purpose as Gloria is actually the Red Nun, daughter and heiress of the Ashmann family. Gloria taunts Rosemary in a harsh broken voice and attacks her with a swarm of moths but Rosemary manages to fight her off before losing consciousness. When Rosemary finally awakens, she finds Gloria's medical records detailing she had been subjected to prototype no.2 of Phenoxyl, the side effects of which were photosensitivity disturbances and filamentary keratopathy with an extreme allergy to cortisone. Rosemary figures out how she can blind Gloria and obtains a syringe with some cortisone. As she tries to escape, still under the effect of a sedative, she is hit in the head by Felton and is then taken to a mesmerism session by Gloria where she is put into a dreamlike sequence where she hears Felton’s voice asking her why Celeste is so important for her. Inexplicably, a song comes to Rosemary’s mind. Gloria stops Felton from talking by cutting off his tongue. As Rosemary is being tied to the chair, Gloria violently strikes her and accuses her of starting the fire that killed the nuns in the convent. Rosemary vaguely remembers she was a member of Cristo Morente herself and says "sorry" to Gloria which only makes her angry. She convinces Felton to burn himself with the house, so Rosemary could die in the same manner the nuns did. However, Rosemary manages to free herself with the broken chandelier and throws her lighter at Felton burning him to death.

As Rosemary reaches the elevator, Gloria attacks her but is then stabbed by Rosemary with the cortisone-filled syringe. The terrible immediate effect causes Gloria to writhe in agony while Rosemary reaches the attic hearing the screams of her sister on the floor below her. Rosemary realizes that cortisone by itself is not enough to stop Gloria. In a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, Rosemary finds the switch to open the windows of the attic. Gloria is blinded by the sunlight due to brain impulses caused by extreme photosensitivity. Because of the unbearable suffering, she stabs her eyes out with a glass shard, relying only on her hearing. Rosemary lures blinded Gloria to an open window and the latter falls down into the courtyard below.

Forgiveness and the Top of the World

Rosemary reaches her dying sister and comforts her, feeling sorry. After so much hate and violence, they forgive each other. They realize that, just as Felton, they've been victims of Phenoxyl, a drug that was created for veterans of war suffering from PTSD. Wyman found a way to mix the drug with the moths in a desperate attempt to achieve more memory alteration results. Soon, it was used on the nuns of Cristo Morente who gained the ability to control the moths, which Gloria took as a divine sign. However, Rosemary, who didn't share the convent's beliefs, only saw it as weaponized science and tried to put an end to the fanatical experiments. It's implied she was the one who burned the cloister and the RossoGallo fields but Rosemary's memory is still vague.

Rosemary realizes that Felton was the one who made Celeste leave, in order to protect her from the terrifying things he had discovered and from Jennifer within him. Gloria, in pain from her wounds and her old memories, confides that she really believes Rosemary and Celeste will reunite on "Top of the World" and she hopes that they will forgive her someday, but Rosemary tearfully replies that she had already forgiven her. Gloria laughs as she gives her last breath that forgiveness was a bad habit of Rosemary, mirroring their conversation about smoking. Rosemary receives an old key from the piano in Celeste’s room from Gloria and then hugs her one last time.

Rosemary returns to Celeste’s room and sadly approaches the piano where the key is missing. She strums a few keys on to find that something is blocking the cords of the instrument. She curiously lifts the cover where she finds an engraved heart on the wood saying “2 hearts never lonely”. Inside the piano, there is an old bag with a tag saying “Flemmington Girls' Institute”. Rosemary still hasn’t found the answers to her forgotten memories, but she is convinced Celeste is still alive, and with endless hope, she will keep looking for her.

A Return to the Ashmann Inn (1992)

The next day she sits in the lounge room of the Ashmann Inn, smoking a cigarette while going through Jennifer’s custody dossier. She suspects that the girl might be the missing daughter of the Feltons, Celeste. She sees a picture of herself in the news report, detailing the events occurred the previous night at Felton Villa, including the deaths of Richard and Gloria. She is then escorted into Stefano Ashmann’s office, where the owner, now horribly disfigured and bed ridden, recognizes her. He comments on her past crimes, including larceny and battery, and wonders if she had come to "broaden her resume". She asks him if the girl named Jennifer, who was working at the hotel years before, was in fact Celeste Felton, which Ashmann initially denies saying the girl was a nobody. They have a conversation about the Acherontia moths and their unique abilities, including telepathy. He explains that the moths and those infected by them operate as a hive mind and every hive needs a queen, who was meant to be Celeste, as she was born with the natural ability to control the moths without any harmful side effects to her. He eventually confirms that Jennifer and Celeste were the same person and the girl's birth mother was in fact Felton, whom Ashmann raped out of jealousy for "stealing" Arianna from him. Disgusted by this revelation, Reed calls Ashmann a "rapist" but Stefano shows no sign of remorse. He then reminds Rosemary that she lied to Jennifer too. Reed gets overwhelmed by her old memories and she starts stuttering, revealing that her true identity is Lindsay and the story takes place in 1992, 19 years after the tragedy at the Ashmann Inn. Stefano laughs, reminding her that she was the one who wanted her painful memories back, and points his gun at her. Reed tricks him and takes the gun away from him but is then cornered by Porcelain.

After passing out Reed wakes up tied to a wheelchair with Stefano tormenting her over the loudspeaker, telling her she deserves to keep living in agony for rebelling during the last hypnosis years ago, which was the reason they all had become trapped in a loop. He also reveals that Wyman had been suffering from Alzheimer and his experiments on the Acherontia moths and collective consciousness were to keep his mind whole by inserting his memories into the participants of the hypnotic sessions. Reed was Wyman’s "greatest inheritance", which he called “Porcelain”, and part of him still exists within Reed. By reuniting with Ashmann, she made Wyman’s consciousness whole again and regained her lost memories, but if she leaves she will forget everything again. Reed manages to open Ashmann’s safe to find the secret documents on the phenoxyl experiments, including the names of every person involved, as well as his gun and a metronome. Porcelain reappears to chase her again but, as he is merely a fragment of Wyman’s mind and cannot physically harm her, Reed overcomes her fear and fights him off, freeing herself from his influence. She confronts Ashmann and injects him with Phenoxyl, putting him into a hypnotic state where he sees a younger version of himself in the mirror before his image turns to Porcelain and drags him with him. When Ashmann wakes up, he finds himself in Rosemary’s van surrounded by mirrors in the middle of nowhere. Holding him at a gunpoint, Reed demands that answers to her questions.

Ashmann confesses that he never lost track of Celeste, revealing that after the girl had escaped from the Feltons she settled down in Sweden, where she became a successful novelist and she writes under a pen name “Madame Svenska”. When asked how many girls him and Wyman had kidnapped before they found the “right” Jennifer, Ashmann replies that there were 14 but they were "simple mistakes". After his confession, he begs Reed to shoot him to end his misery. Reed can either kill him or leave him behind to suffer his remaining years in agony. Regardless of her choice, Reed closes the van’s door and finds herself alone in the field, crying. She takes off her blonde wig and angrily tosses it away, revealing her real short black hair. She then walks away, leaving the white van behind.

She returns to an empty theatre, where she was supposed to perform years ago, and puts the lyrics to her song, Top of the World, that Ashmann kept in his safe, on the piano. Reed walks to the microphone and imagines herself as 16-year-old Linn again with Jen by her side at the piano.

Later life and Death (1992-2021)

Despite finding of Celeste's whereabouts, Reed never attempted to contact her. She kept coming back to the empty concert hall, hoping Jen's memories would resurface one day and she returns to the "Top of the World". She dedicated the rest of her life to collecting information on the missing girls, who were kidnapped by Ashmann and killed under Porcelain's mercy, so their families could finally learn the truth and have closure. A memory that Rosemary never came to terms with but kept holding on to for the sake of Jen and the other girls.

Sometime in 2021, she asked to see Celeste. The two women finally reunited after many years. When Celeste held her hand, she recognized "Jen" and smiled. Rosemary passed away the following day after sharing the story of her later life with Celeste. She was revealed to be suffering from Alzheimer's disease, which she inherited from Wyman.


The following year Madame Svenska contacts Giulio Manni, who is revealed to be brother of Rachele, the 14th missing girl, and shares the truth of what happened to his older sister. She passes him Rosemary's journal, containing the information on the other missing girls, so their stories won't be forgotten.


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