''Pardon me, I forgot my manners. Please, sit down!"- Richard inviting Rosemary to take a seat.

Richard Felton is one of the main characters and a stalker in Remothered: Tormented Fathers.

Official description

"Affected by a terrible disease, gotten worse with age, Dr. Felton left his notarial career and began gardening as a hobby. Even though he looks like a harmless and sick person at first, Dr. Felton hides a dreadful secret: his addiction to hypnosis cycles with drugs used to cure his disease and forget an uncomfortable past."

- Tormented Fathers official biography [1]


"When you're worn out from an incurable disease, you start having some doubts. Why is there so much life in such small but lethal creatures? An arbiter, that's all we need." - Richard on why he turned to religion

He is a patron and has always been passionate about flowers and entomology. At one point he used to be in the wine business: this changed his life forever...

Due to his medical condition, Richard looks older than he is and appears to be a harmless old man. However, his past is murky and full of unclear events; he hates his father but he loved his mother and he has a lot of regrets about his life, he thinks he is good for nothing and wallows in this state.

Richard didn't believe in God at first, but things changed when he got sick from his strange illness. However, he believes that the success of a person is related to the failure of another one.

As a young child, Richard had a strained relationship with his father but always saw him as a good man, strict as he was. Their relationship worsened, however, after his father returned from the war in Ethiopia; an empty shell of his former self. He came back to himself quickly thereafter, but not in the way Richard had wanted.

As a stalker, Richard wears only his gardening apron, a pair of boots, gloves, and carries a sickle as his weapon of choice.


Early life

see Jennifer

Contracting the Illness (1958)

During his young adult life, Felton followed in his father's footsteps and worked as a notary. He was introduced to his future bride, Arianna Gallo, by his parents. It was an arranged marriage that left them both in a strained relationship for many years.

In 1958, he and several friends apparently contracted an affliction in Egypt caused by bacterial growth induced by moths. The illness caused him to physically age prematurely and his eyesight to degenerate making him sensitive to strong light, which forced him to be admitted to Santa Margherita Institute and eventually retire.

Starting a Family

After retiring, both Richard and Arianna adopted a little girl named Celeste and settled down into a new villa in CervoScuro in 1965. Both cared for the child immensely as their own and acted as a bridge between the two and bringing them closer together. Richard sometimes would affectionately call the girl "Jennifer", a nickname she seemed to like. The family went on many vacations together

RossoGallo Incident (1971)

Being married to the heiress of the RossoGallo plantation, behind the scenes, Richard was secretly colluding with his father's ex-business partner Albert Elias Wyman, who was testing pharmaceutical experiments for a new drug on the farmlands, Phenoxyl 2.0., a follow-up to its predecessor Phenoxyl that had been recalled for its dangerous side effects. Their business relationship started to crumble as the drug leaked onto the farmlands, contaminating many of the plantation's products and its consumers as well the group of cultivation workers that was living on the plantation, causing side effects such as painful ulcers and vomiting.

RossoGallo soon met its demise when the children of the wealthy prominent Ashmann family alerted the public of the illegal ongoings and the farm came under public scrutiny. The Feltons and the Ashmanns both blamed the contamination on Wyman for using the plantation as a testing ground and the farm was shut down by the authorities on October 2, 1971. The following month, before further investigations on the plantation, could take place, the Cristo Morente convent, the RossoGallo fields, and a wing of the Ashmann palace all went up in flames due to the inflammable liquid being poured into the irrigation system and the piping in the convent.

The Disappearance of Celeste (1971)

Not long after the fall of RossoGallo, the Feltons' daughter mysteriously disappeared, which ended up dividing Richard and Arianna and leaving their already strained relationship in ruins. The ordeal leads them to believe that Wyman was involved in Celeste's disappearance as an act of revenge for causing his downfall, but neither Richard nor the police found any evidence and concluded that Celeste intentionally left.

Events of Tormented Fathers (1992)

Due to his disease, and having ended his career as a notary, Richard took gardening as a hobby and is taken care of and assisted by his personal nurse Gloria while the marriage between and Arianna is left in shambles, sleeping in separate rooms.

Some years after Celeste had disappeared, Dr. Rosemary Reed from his former place of care, Santa Margherita Institute, pays him a visit at the Villa. As Rosemary waits in his study, Richard walks in talking about the concept of religion until proceeding to talk about his illness and how he contracted the disease, and how the institute was unable to cure him. Rosemary mentions the symptoms from Richard's medical files, including the hormone deficiency and overdose of Phenoxyl which was already, and how Felton refused to go through the exams at the clinic. Tensions soon escalate when she mentions his daughter Celeste, and then the name "Jennifer" to the point where accuses Rosemary of threatening him, until kicking her out of his property without answering her question about what happened to Celeste. Before leaving, Rosemary looks back at Richard, who stares at the picture of the little girl.

When Rosemary managed to sneak into the Villa at night she sees a deranged Richard conversing with the corpse of Arianna and tenderly calling it "Jennifer". The ex-notary then roams the halls armed with a sickle searching for the intruder, and Rosemary realizes she has entered a deadly game of cat and mouse. Managing to avoid detection, Rosemary comes across a film depicting Richard during a hypnosis session under the influence of the drug Phenoxyl. During the session, Felton confesses that he and Arianna were supposed to be protecting Celeste from someone. He then reveals that Celeste had in fact returned to the Villa after her disappearance, but she had changed somehow and became "Jennifer," a figure from Richard's past. Felton remembers how his father hurt him to prevent him from her, yet Richard still "kept wanting her." Before Rosemary gets to the end of the video, Richard aggresses her from behind, tying a catchpole loop around her neck and hanging her against the wall.

Richard burns the film and keeps pleading his innocence, claiming he never touched his daughter for she was the only bond between him and his wife. However, he soon realizes he did seemingly murder Celeste in her bedroom, as he was told by a mysterious figure who promised to free him from torment. Rosemary is shocked and disgusted, but Felton insists he had no choice as it was the only way to stop "Jennifer." Then the old notary unveils a painting kept upright the desk, depicting a red-dressed nun, before which he devoutly bows. Rosemary uses the opportunity and manages to free herself from the loop but, right before she gets to the studio doors, she is assaulted by the same nun portrayed in the painting, swarming with moths and speaking with a hoarse and broken voice, calling her "Sister", which causes Felton to flee in fear and hide.

The True Identity

see Jennifer

Richard is eventually revealed to be suffering from DID due to the Phenoxyl intake and mesmerism sessions he forced to endure as a child by his father and his original identity is Jennifer Richardine Felton. Seeing his daughter Celeste growing up triggered the memories of his childhood he had forgotten and caused his true self Jennifer to start awakening. Fearing that Stefano Ashmann, Wyman, and "Jennifer" might be a danger to Celeste, he and Arianna sent their daughter away to protect her.

When Richard was scared away by the Red Nun, it allowed Jennifer to take control and she even helped Rosemary before she was angered by her. Jennifer then chases Rosemary throughout the house while Richard is subdued. When Rosemary tries to escape from Gloria, Felton re-appears and knocks her out. Both are then taken by Gloria to a mesmerism session, where Felton questions Rosemary's real motives while in a dream-like sequence, Jennifer is seen swinging while slowly fading away in the distance explaining how she often mistakes the photographs of Celeste for old pictures of herself and she's able to tell them apart only when her mind is clear. As both Felton's personalities slowly start to merge, Richard regains the painful memories of his childhood and Jennifer accepts Celeste as her daughter.


Unfortunately, the angered Gloria cuts off Felton's tongue. While under the influence of phenoxyl, Jennifer is subdued once again, and Richard is manipulated by Gloria to burn down the house with himself and Rosemary in it. However, Rosemary manages to free herself and sets Felton on fire. When Rosemary wakes up, she sees Jennifer's burnt body and contemplates her tragic fate, blaming Felton's father for ruining his daughter's life.

Felton's picture is seen in a news report detailing the events that occurred at the Felton Villa and revealing the truth about his identity.

After the events at the villa, Rosemary goes to see Stefano Ashmann during her investigations of Celeste's whereabouts. During her confrontation, Stefano reveals to Rosemary that he had raped Felton, as a result of revenge for stealing Arianna and wanted to humiliate Richard, which resulted in Celeste's birth and while he claims he didn't know that Felton was still able to conceive back in 1958 after his return from Egypt. Turns out, Richard and Arianna lied about giving up the baby for adoption in order to protect Celeste from being used as a guinea pig by Wyman and Stefano Ashmann, while they secretly kept Celeste and raised her as their adopted daughter. Despite Celeste's birth circumstances for the couple, memories of which Felton tried to erase with Phenoxyl, Richard tried to be a great father to her, never blaming the girl for the actions of her biological father.


Celeste rejected Stefano Ashamann, who tried to impose his authority as her biological father on her, and reaffirmed that Richard would always be her real father, despite his gender. She continued to use "Felton" as her last name in her later life, honoring the memories of her parents.


Whether because of the disease caused by a proliferation of Archerontia moths inhabiting his body, or some other strange forces, Richard displays a remarkable set of abilities.

  • Enhanced endurance:  Even taking copious amounts of damage (such as being stabbed by numerous sharp objects in the shoulder) and healing from it in a short amount of time.
  • Enhanced physical strength: Richard displays remarkable strength being able to drag and effortlessly lift Rosemary off the ground.
  • Inhuman durability: Richard can get hurt but he is able to recover very quickly.
  • Enhanced stamina: Richard displays remarkable stamina, being able to chase down Rosemary Reed throughout his manor without any signs of fatigue.


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