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All information and discussion relating to the cancelled alpha versions of REMOTHERED and it's characters will be limited to this page only, thank you!

Remothered (stylized as REMOTHERED), also known as Remothered 2D, was to be a classically styled 2D survival horror game built on the RPG Maker XP engine. As of 2012, this version is no longer in production.

It was the spiritual predecessor of Remothered: Tormented Fathers.

Development Edit

The project dates back to 2007 when Chris Darril began releasing concept art for a fan-tribute to Hifumi Kono's 1995 Super Nintendo classic; Clock Tower. The game, simply titled REMOTHERED, did not go into full production until sometime in 2009, using Adobe Photoshop to draw 2D assets somewhat mirroring the aesthetics of a classic oil painting.

From 2009 to 2012, the project would undergo several adjustments, including updated sprites, story and several characters even having their roles switched to set it apart from the original Clock Tower. During this time, a sequel was also announced that would take place before, during and after the events of the original game, expanding on it's universe's lore. The sequel, titled Remothered: Grave Torments, would have followed a new protagonist named Katherine Gale who travels to a small town in Italy after inheriting her father's library. Very few details about the sequel's story were ever released to the public, as Chris Darril wanted to focus on the development of the first game.

In 2013, the project was put on a temporary hiatus while the game's director Chris Darril helped with other projects such as Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities and NightCry. During this time, he received several offers to purchase the Remothered IP, but Darril refused, opting to keep creative control of the project.

In late 2016, the project resurfaced under the new title Remothered: Tormented Fathers. The characters and the storyline had been completely revamped, merging elements of the original game concept with aspects of Remothered: Grave Torments.

Version 1 (2007) Edit


The very first version that was shown to the public featured a young woman named Jennifer who appeared to be in her twenties. It was known that several friends would accompany her, though none of them were ever shown in this version's concept art. Very little about this version's story was ever made public and Only a handful of images were released for this version and the only known footage is thought to be lost.

Known Characters Edit

  • Jennifer (Last Name Unknown)
  • Unnamed Friends

Known Stalkers Edit

  • Unnamed Killer

Known Locations Edit

  • The Mansion

Version 2 (2009) Edit


Early stages of Remothered version 2

Development Edit

This version included much more in-depth story and new environments such as a forested area surrounding the manor, many more stalkers and a flash forward sequence featuring a reporter that would change depending on the ending the player recieved.

This version contained many changes to the game's overall plot and characters, most notably the main protagonist, now with the last name Sutton, was a young girl in her early teens instead of a woman in her twenties.

While exploring the manor the player would encounter many of it's inhabitants such as an old house keeper named Madame Svenska and a gardener named Richard Felton (no relation to the Richard Felton of Tormented Fathers). Secondary enemies called Homunculus were introduced which resembled small porcelain dolls which could attach themselves to the player and alert the nearest stalker to their presence. The game also contained supernatural elements the occurs in the mansion.[1] Many screenshots for this version still exist today, but most of the footage was lost.

Although this version featured several plot similarities to the 1995 horror classic; Clock Tower, it was said to be more of a personal fan tribute to many classic horror games of the same era. Unlike the original game, Jennifer's friends will not die immediately once the game begins, the other girls will also join in Jennifer's exploration inside and outside the mansion. [2][3]

Plot Edit


Remothered with more detailed surroundings and updated sprites, mirrors' and moths' first appearance.

The games opens up to a flash forward sequence of news reporter Dakota Wrang, that a massacre occurred at a mansion in the countryside of Romsdalen, owned by the Baroni family and found bodies within the house, most of them children all brutally mutilated.

Jennifer along with her friends were orphans living at the Flemmington Girls Institute until they were suddenly adopted by a rich landowner named Steven Baroni. The girls would be taken to their home by their teacher Ms. Mary Reed (nicknamed Rose), who also an alleged employee of Mr. Baroni, is responsible for taking them to the mansion.

After arriving into their new home, Jennifer begins to see paranormal activities after seeing a ghostly figure in a mirror at the foyer and out her bedroom window. At the dinner table, Lotte questioned where was their new adoptive father, Mary responded that he was away at some important meeting. Mary then expressed her concerns about Jennifer at the table and opened up to what she had saw earlier, Anne didn't believe Jennifer that she's always seeing things that no one else can see, claims she's just crazy. Mary took Jennifer to the bathroom to speak to her privately. Mary disagrees that she's crazy and tells her shes just sick because of this new beginning and to take her medicine.[4]

I'm curious

... I do not know, it has metallic sound... maybe it would be better to take a look!

Some time later in the game, Jennifer and Lotte are in their room getting ready for bed, Anne walks in angrily telling Lotte to turn down the TV because she can hear it from her room and leaves. Jennifer begins to hear a metallic noise outside of the bedroom, Lotte shrugs it off and says that "they have turned on their TV" (players can make a decision whether to a take a look or not). Jennifer decides to take a look and Lotte agrees to go with her.

While out looking the source of the sound, Jennifer heads into the bathroom and finds Laura hung by her hands in the shower, mutilated from the neck down. Jennifer is in terrible shock and looks in the bathtub and sees a head poking out of the bloodied water and a giant pair of scissors jumps out towards Jennifer. An immortal killer stalked the mansion's halls, killing the girls one by one.

All known plot ends here...

Known Characters: Edit

  • Jennifer Sutton
  • Laura Harrington
  • Anne Zeriche
  • Lindsay Silverhat
  • Mary "Rose" Reed

Supporting Characters: Edit

  • Steven Baroni
  • Dakota Wrang

Known Stalkers: Edit

Known Locations: Edit

  • The Baroni's Mansion
  • Flemmington Girls Institute
  • The Underground
  • The Forest

Version 3 (2011) Edit


Only known screenshot of the final version of Remothered 2D. Jennifer Sutton's new design and more detailed environment.

Development Edit

This third version restarted development completely with a revamped story and updated characters. Not much is known about this version, as very little material was shown aside from character designs and minor plot information.

One of the game's main stalkers, Robert Baroni, was now portrayed in the figure of a grown man rather than a small child and wearing a porcelain doll mask. Several concept arts were released of his updated appearance, showing that his signature scissors were now fused directly into his right arm.

First this version was said to be using a 3D graphics engine and was to be released on PC and speculated on the Wii U, but also Darril tried to re-imagine the game RPG Maker XP graphics and with more detailed background.[5]

Unlike the previous versions, the game was going to have 3 playable characters; Jennifer Sutton, Lindsay Silverhat and Rosemary Reed (no relation to Rosemary Reed from Tormented Fathers).[6]
Remothered 3.0 Poster

Robert 'Porcelain' Baroni with Jennifer in his grip.

Plot Edit

In 1978, Jennifer and her friends are adopted after the closure of Flemmington Girls' Institute by a wealthy landower Steven Baroni. The institute's tutor Ms. Rosemary Reed, who is also employed with Mr. Baroni, takes the girls to their new home, the Red Vineyard, lies on a large estate beyond the Alps in Provence.

Before long entering their new home, the girls begin to find mysterious clues that something terrible that happened in the manor a few years ago; a mysterious suicide of a woman and the inexplicable death of her child have to do with it.

Suddenly, one girl after another starts to disappear and it is up to Jennifer and the remaining girls to solve the mystery around the Baroni family and to find a way out of the accursed house, filled with crazy assassins and worshipers of a devil's cult.

Known Characters: Edit

Supporting Characters: Edit

  • Steven Baroni
  • Mildred Baroni
  • Vittoria Baroni
  • Jebediah Baroni
  • Shannen Baroni
  • Dakota Wrang

Known Stalkers: Edit

  • Robert Baroni (Porcelain)
  • The Red Nun

Known Locations: Edit

  • The Red Vineyard (The Manor)
  • Flemmington Girls Institute

Some pieces of concept art for this version carried over into the art for Tormented Fathers, such as; Elisa, Lauryn, Lindsay, Madame Svenska and Porcelain. It is possible that some of these elements will appear in Tormented Fathers and it's sequels.

Remothered: Grave Torments (Cancelled Sequel) Edit

Katherine Gale is a violin student who, during her year of graduation, moves to Nawarro Windmill, in Bosnia, to gather information for her final thesis and to investigate her inheritance, a library left to her by her late father before his death. A mysterious illness hits her while driving, but she eventually arrives at the town of Nawarro Windmill. As her illness worsens, she remembers a moment of her childhood, where she was rushed to a hospitale. While her father, Norman Gale, was alive, he wrote a will stating that the library in the city of Nawarro Windmill had to be left to Katherine after his death. This will be revealed by the notary, Mrs. Bouward.

As Grave Torments was still in the conceptual stage, there are no screenshots or footage in existance. The conceptual material that was previously shown is thought to be lost.

Known Characters Edit

  • Katherine Gale
  • Norman Gale
  • Chiara Gale
  • Ms. Bouward
  • Victor Kellan
  • Elsa
  • Lismathora

Known Stalkers Edit

  • Red Nun

Some aspects of the plot have been reworked into Remothered: Tormented Fathers which combines elements from both the original REMOTHERED and Grave Torments.

Gallery Edit

Music Edit

Remothered (Original Game Soundtrack)
Remothered (Original Game Soundtrack)

Album artists

Mattia Gosetti, David Gonzalez, Dan Beyer


December 1, 2011



Remothered (Original Soundtrack) was released digitally on December 2nd, 2011 by Dariil Asylum. The soundtrack for all three versions was directed by Chris Darril and composed by Mattia Gosetti, David Gonzalez, and Dan Beyer except for the very last track which is composed by Ueickap.

In a possibly unofficial version of Remothered in 2009, there was a track named "Let's Play, Jennifer", a remake track of "Don't Cry, Jennifer" from Clock Tower: The First Fear, but the track did not make it into the final version.

Track List Edit

Disc 1

  1. Remothered (1:51)
  2. Animorum (2:22)
  3. Paranoia (2:58)
  4. Baroni Mansion (4:02)
  5. Premonition (1:30)
  6. Departed - Devil's Lair (3:32)
  7. Empty House (1:47)
  8. Walking Demons (Lost Children) (1:41)
  9. Undervoice (4:51)
  10. Promise Me Your Innocence (Creeping Insanity) (3:46)
  11. Madame Svenska (1:00)
  12. Inferno Introducing (0:33)
  13. Dear Lindsay (0:53)
  14. Destruction (1:59)
  15. Chronicled (The Other Tone) (2:45)
  16. Darkest Corners (0:42)
  17. Inferno 1st Circle (2:50)
  18. Hunted (1:09)
  19. The Bathroom (0:40)
  20. Anguished! (1:13)
  21. Boy With Scissors (Porcelain) (2:34)
  22. Robert Comes! (The Girl is Dead) (1:37)
  23. Empty House (Reprise) [Misfortunes] (2:00)
  24. Panic Phone (1:05)
  25. Abominations (1:51)

Disc 2

  1. Red Wing (1:17)
  2. Inferno 2nd Circle (1:37)
  3. Eyes Through the Dimness (0:42)
  4. Black Cross (1:57)
  5. The Love of Smother (0:45)
  6. Unlucky Lullaby (Bloody Merry Go Round) (3:18)
  7. Behead Saints (1:32)
  8. Inferno 3rd Circle (2:49)
  9. The Love of Mother (1:07)
  10. The Damned Advancing (1:37)
  11. The Shocking Truth (1:11)
  12. From Death to Kill (1:06)
  13. Hell Whispering (1:00)
  14. Inferno 4th Circle (1:43)
  15. When the Clock Stopped (1:22)
  16. Hungry Hunter (0:51)
  17. Crying Lindsay (2:58)
  18. The Thousands Roots of Ritual (1:15)
  19. Last Elegy (1:54)
  20. From Death to Kill (Reprise) (1:07)
  21. Inferno 5th Circle (1:12)
  22. Doom (3:20)
  23. Last Elegy (Reprise) (1:51)
  24. Omnium Finis (1:53)
  25. Why (4:12)