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Remothered: Broken Porcelain is the second chapter of Chris Darril's award-winning Remothered series developed by Stormind Games while in collaboration with Modus Games. It was officially announced during the 2019's Italian Video Game Awards[1] and will be released on October 13th, 2020 on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.[2]

The game's story is linked directly to the events of Tormented Fathers, serving as both the sequel and the prequel, and takes place at the Ashmann Inn.


"After her expulsion from an all-girls boarding school, the rebellious Jen suffers an injury attempting to escape from the Ashmann Inn, where she was sent to serve as one of its maids. Together with her new friend and fellow maid, a timid violinist named Linn, Jen slowly becomes aware of the manor's unsettling history. As the two girls begin to observe strange occurrences involving the inn's residents, a haunting figure lurking within the halls, and an ominous presence from inside the hotel, the duo must escape from their prison with the truth...and their lives.

Meanwhile, the enigmatic Rosemary Reed encounters an old nemesis, the since disfigured owner of the Ashmann Inn, in her continued search for Celeste Felton - a young girl who vanished years before under unexplainable circumstances. Closer to the answers she seeks than ever before, Reed will uncover everyone's role in this twisted plot, for better or worse. [3]"


Main characters

  • Jennifer/Celeste Felton
    • The main protagonist of the second chapter that was first mentioned in Tormented Fathers. She's a fifteen-year-old expelled student of the Flemmington Girls' Institute who was sent to the Ashmann Inn to serve as a maid. She must uncover the secrets of a dark presense lurking around the hotel as well as the mystery of her own past.
  • Rosemary Reed
    • The enigmatic protagonist of the previous game. In her continued search for Celeste Felton she has to face an old acquaintance, the mysterious owner of the Ashmann Inn who was disfigured in a horrible accident that may have had something to do with the missing girl.
  • Linn
    • A timid sixteen-year-old girl with a stutter who works as a maid alongside Jennifer. The two girls bonded over their shared passion for music, however their friendship is put to the test as they navigate the dangers of the hotel.
  • Porcelain
    • A menacing stalker who haunts the corridors of the hotel tormenting its inhabitants with his vicious looking cane and iconic whistle.
  • Stefano Ashmann
    • The owner of the hotel and a former business partner of the Feltons and Wyman who appears to be involved in the Phenoxyl experiments.
  • Andrea Massino
    • The head housekeeper of the Ashmann Inn who's hiding the family's dark secret. She is a devout servant of God who was led to believe she was condemned by her faith.

Supporting characters


The game was meant to be followed by a third chapter, making Remothered a trilogy, however, the triquel was mostly likely cancelled due to Broken Porcelain's poor reception and Chris Darril leaving the series.


The soundtrack was composed by Luca Balboni, one of the composers for Tormented Fathers.[4] Additional vocals were provided by Nina de Lianin and Satomi Yanagibashi.

The soundtrack is available for purchase as a DLC and it can be bought separately through the various platforms.


  1. Broken Porcelain (2:25)
  2. Daughters of Nobody (2:16)
  3. Welcome to the Ashmann Inn(1:53)
  4. An old family friend (2:28)
  5. Moths (2:42)
  6. Andrea (2:03)
  7. Family Secrets (2:35)
  8. Nightmare Awakening (2:58)
  9. Ashmann (1:27)
  10. Together again (1:49)
  11. Like in the Old Movies (1:56)
  12. Before Saying Goodbye (4:12)
  13. The Piano, The Escape (1:49)
  14. Fracture (4:10)
  15. It's part of all of us (2:02)
  16. The Convent (2:35)
  17. Like old times (1:26)
  18. Porcelain (2:12)
  19. Switched Roles (2:24)
  20. Burnt (1:05)
  21. Red Nun (1:44)
  22. Mother Acherontia (3:44)
  23. Cutting Porcelain (1:57)
  24. Rebellion (1:56)
  25. Reed made a choice (2:03)
  26. The Keeper (1:35)
  27. Farewell (3:20)
  28. Broken (3:39)

Note: Featured songs Top of the World, To Say Goodbye and Memory of You were previously released as part of Tormented Fathers soundtrack.


The main setting for the second chapter was notably inspired by the works of Stephen King, particularly The Shining as it takes place in a mysterious secluded hotel during winter, as well as Misery and It and their film adaptations.

The inspiration for the main protagonist Jennifer comes from the original Clock Tower and Chris Darril's favourite survival horror heroines like Rule of Rose' Jennifer and Haunting Ground's Fiona, as well as Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, one of Chris' favorite films[5].

The game being set during winter was influenced by Chris Darril's own fear of snow and ice as he describes them as "the pure embodiment of the ephemeral, something that looks a certain way but abruptly mutates and betrays you."[6] The ice motif is featured predominantly in the game's promotional material.


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