Felton Manor

The Felton Villa is a large old mansion located somewhere in the countryside in Italy.

It was the home of Richard Felton, Arianna Gallo, and their daughter Celeste. The family moved there somewhere in 1965.

The villa serves as the main setting in Remothered: Tormented Fathers.

Exterior Edit

The villa stands at the intersection of two alleys with a lone pathway leading to a nearby forest. A bus stop and a playground are found next to it.

The house is surrounded by a large wall and can be accessed through the front gate or the side alley gate. At the front gate there's an intercom with "Felton" and "Gallo" names written on it and a mailbox. A statue of Mary, mother of Jesus, is placed inside the wall next to the gate. Beyond the gates there is a large courtyard with a garden planted by Richard Felton. The exterior is in poor condition. The windows of the manor are tightly shut and metalic bars had been put on them.

Interior Edit

  • Basement (includes the wine cellar and laundry room)
  • Ground floor (includes the hall, dining room, living room, kitchen and storage room)
  • First floor (includes notary office, library, master bedroom, restroom, the hidden corridor leading to Celeste's bedroom)
  • Attic (including the loft)

The levels of the manor are connected through the stairs and the elevator.

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