"The proliferation of these moths and their living system may be the missing piece in modern medicine." - A quote from Wyman in a newspaper clipping
Albert Elias Wyman is a supporting character in Remothered: Tormented Fathers, mentioned only through notes.

He was a large contributor to the Phenoxyl project before his death, and a former business partner of Richard Felton.

Biography Edit

In 1957 Wyman received a prestigeous medicine award for the Phenoxyl prototype. After the massive recall of Phenoxyl 1.0 due to it's horrifying side effects, Richard Felton personally funded Wyman to continue his experiments. Wyman noticed how the moths were acting around Felton after he caught the disease in 1958, so he came up with the idea to synthesize the parasites and mix them with Phenoxyl to create a stronger drug that could modify and control the memories.

Wyman was responsible for the contamination of fields at RossoGallo in October, 1971, using the nuns of Cristo Morente as involuntery test subjects. He was also accused by Felton of carrying out pharmaceutical experiments using company funds. Wyman returned the favor by sending threatening messages to Felton and the Ashmanns, which ultimately backfired.

He was suspected of kidnapping Celeste Felton and of the burning of Cristo Morente, however, he was acquitted for lack of evidence.

Wyman allegedly hanged himself. His body was discovered in his house on November 14, 1971.


  • Wyman was aware of Richard's real identity as well as the identity of Celeste's biological father. According to Wyman, "he would be glad to know that she is his daughter."
  • It is possible that Wyman's suicide was actually a cover-up for murder, cosidering he threatened multiple people involved in the Phenoxyl project.